10 Famous Crimes in The History


Las Vegas is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Many people go to the city in to relax. In some quarters, those who visit this city to sample its delights may be considered degenerates. It is for this reasonthat famous crimes Las Vegas draw more attention than famous crimes elsewhere. The following is a list of ten of the famous crimes in Las Vegas. They are not in any particular order.

1. The Murder of Tupac Shakur

Tupac was shot in Las Vegas on 7th September 1996. He died six days later. This crime was made famous by Tupac’s profile as one of the most influential rappers in American history. Conspiracy theories surrounding the death also increased interest in it.

2.  The Hilton Arson

The Hilton in Vegas has a place in history of the city. It hosted big names such as Elvis Presley. This gave it a high profile among hotels. When it burned down killing eight people the incident made international news.

3. Bellagio Casino Robbery

Casinos are heavily surveilled and therefore difficult to rob. Antony Carleo, stole chips worth $1.5 million and got away before he was arrested.

4. Bamlet Murder

The culinary workers’ union 226 under the leadership of Al Bamlet was the most powerful union in Vegas. Bamlet was murdered in 1977 by hitmen he had hired to bomb a non-compliant hotel.

5. O.J. Simpson Memorabilia Robbery

Simpson had become infamous during his trial for the murder of his wife and her lover. He and five associates stole his memorabilia from two dealers. The robbery was captured on tape and it captures national attention.

6. Jessica Williams DUI

In this case an unpaired person was convicted for DUI. The conviction of Jessica Williams was based on the readings of her blood tests.

7. Tony Spilotro and the Hole in the Wall gang

Spilotro was a mafia enforcer who ran a high-end burglar gang on the side. During his trial for the robberies, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict. The lack of a verdict necessitated a retrial. Spilotro also had an affair with the wife of a Vegas mob boss. The mafia in Chicago unhappy with the visibility Spilotro was bringing them killed him. His story was made into the movie Casino in 1995.

8. Christina Lafave and the Tourists Rolex

Lafave stole an Australian tourist’s watch valued at $35000. The case made international headlines because she hid the watch in her vagina. This crime was committed in 204.

9. Kevyn Wynne Kidnap

The victim was the daughter of Steve Wynne, CEO of Treasure Island and Bellagio casino. To secure her release, Steve paid a ransom of $1.45 million. Perpetrators were arrested a few days later when one of them went to buy a Ferrari.

10. Ted Binion Murder

Ted Binion was first an object of public attention in 1967. A cab driver had tried to kidnap him. His father Benny Binion was an old time badass. He ordered the cab driver killed. 20 years later, Ted was found dead under mysterious circumstances. His best friend and girl friend were convicted for his murder. They were later released on appeal.


All cities in the world have their measure of crime. Other cities in the US and the world have had much more horrific crimes. There are also cities that have much higher crime rates than Vegas around the world. Many people, however, assume that Las Vegas has more incidences of crime. The moniker Sin City given to Las Vegas creates the impression that Vegas is most crime prone city. Sin City, however, refers to the prevalence of adult entertainment in the city.

Hipster Central: The Changing Face of Neukölln in Berlin

How does it look like?

Rents are rising, but Berlin is still very cheap by European standards, and so a huge number of young people from other parts of Germany are relocating there, as well as a lot of foreigners, and as they arrive, the city changes.

This is most obvious in the district of Neukölln, which is popular with Turkish migrants and is now the center of the slightly grungy hipster population of Berlin. There are a huge number of migrants in this part of the city, and more than 40% of the population is of a non-German origin.

Since the Berlin Wall came down, gentrification has washed over the German capital like a wave. Previously working class neighborhoods have been embraced by families and young professionals, permanently changing the face of large parts of the city, sometimes for the better, and sometimes… well, not.

Neukölln was directly on the flight path for Tempelhof Airport (site of the Berlin Airlift), and the jets would practically scrape the rooftops as they landed. The airport closed in 2008 and was converted into a park, and so many parts of Neukölln suddenly found themselves living next to one of the largest inner-city parks in the world… which of course contributes to rent going skywards, as the jets no longer do.

Neukölln has become a magnet for the young people who wear skinny jeans, old man style glasses and call themselves artists. Yes… hipsters.

The influx of people with a relatively high disposable income has done wonders for the nightlife, with a number of bars and entertainment venues springing up, seemingly catered to that hipster Berlin feeling, with cheap drinks and eclectic furnishings. There are a number of these places around Emserstraße and in the streets surrounding Schillerpromenade.

One of the most famous bars in the area is Villa Neukölln (Hermannstraße 233), which was built on the site of a luxurious old villa, which was demolished and turned into a Turkish carpet store (naturally), before opening as a bar. This is the definition of Neukölln hipster; with old couches, rugs and a laid back vibe. They’ve recently constructed a stage and host many bands and live performances.

Another venue that seems to be rather attractive to the skinny jean clad Neuköllners is the Agora Collective (Located at 50 Mittelweg). Agora is an arts co-op space, which features a restaurant/bar, gallery, film screenings and a co-working space where the young artists/writers/designers can rent a desk, thus giving them some semblance of an office. Agora squarely targets the English speakers of Berlin, and their website is entirely in English.

While some of the long-established locals might grumble at the way their neighborhood is changing, bar owners will no doubt be pleased at having a group of people that keeps their establishments busy 7 nights a week. And those who run one of the many 24-hour kebab shops in Neukölln are delighted at having a steady stream of clientele who need a salty snack as they stumble home at 4am.



Cool and Simple Card Tricks

Have you ever found yourself sitting at the bar with strangers wanting to make conversation and just not sure what to say? Ever wanted to be like the guy in the movies who knew how to impress every stranger he met. Keep a deck of cards in your pocket and you can be that guy! You will have new friends and a pocket stuffed with numbers wherever you go!

Trick 1: The magically returning card.

Step 1: Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask the viewer to help you out so that they are confident that you did not stack the deck.

Step 2: Here is the trick, it is all in the slight of hand. One must slide the top two cards off the deck, making it look like you have just taken the top card off the deck. Keeping the cards together, so it looks like you only have one card in your hand. Show the viewer the “card” you flipped, this is the bottom of the two cards.

Step 3: Return the cards to the top of the deck. Have the viewer take the top card and place it anywhere in the deck. Then magically tap the card that is now at the top of the deck. Voilà! This is the card that they saw and “stuck back in the deck.”

Trick 2: I can read your mind!

Step 1: Shuffle and cut the deck. Ask the viewer to help you out so that they are confident that you did not stack the deck.

Step 2: After the final shuffle one must notice the card at the bottom of the deck. Do this while you are talking up your magical abilities; make sure the viewer does not see this card or see you looking at it. With the cards face down in a stack, thumb through the cards. Ask the viewer to tell you when to stop.

Step 3: Here is the trick! Pull the cards towards you when they ask you to stop, slyly pull out the bottom card.. Make sure this card lands at the bottom of the top half of the cut deck. Do this without looking at the cards. Show the top half of the cut deck to the viewer. Tell them what the card they see is! They will be guessing how you did it for days.

Trick 3: Pick a card, any card! 

Step 1) Shuffle the deck. With the cards face down, spread the cards in a fan. Ask the viewer to choose a card.

Step 2) Ask the viewer to stare at the card and to try very hard to remember the card they chose. Ask them to picture it in their mind’s eye.

Step 3) Here is the trick. While they are staring at the card, cut the deck. Slyly take note of the card at the bottom of the top half of the deck. Ask them to place the card between the two cut halves.

Step 4) Flip the deck and fan-out the cards (face up). The card lying on top of the card you noted is their card. Try hard to look like you are searching the deck, looking for the card they chose, using your magic abilities. Then pick out their card.

Remember two important tips.

· To do these tricks effectively you must practice a lot. They key is mastering small hand movements. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time.

· Be charismatic and funny, doing card tricks is all about distraction, a laughing person will never be able to see the trick coming.

What Kind of Accommodation for your Italian Holiday?

Find out below what kind of accommodation will suit better your needs and tastes for your Italian holidays.


Hotels, like in the rest of Europe, are classified with stars. Stars are an indication of services offered, not of charm or location. They range from the one star hotels that offer only the most simple comforts to the luxury five stars hotels.

Continental breakfast is generally included and most of the hotels on the coast also include beach umbrella and sun bed.

Service charges are included but drinks from the mini bar, phone calls and room service can make the bill of your Italian holiday levitate considerably.

Italy Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

The choice of B&B; is very wide especially in the inland. The Marchigiani are well known for their hospitality and the houses are comfortable. Lodging in B&B; allows a closer contact with the local culture and people.

Prices range from very cheap for a room in a private house to rather expensive for luxury accommodation.

Agriturismo, Country Houses and Farm Holidays

Le Marche has a strong agricultural tradition and the countryside is peppered with many guest farms.

This kind of accommodation offers many advantages: reasonable prices, quiet locations, family oriented settings.

They are often located close to main cities so guest can enjoy the best of city and country life.

Some farms require to stay a minimum number of days and the accommodation may vary from a single room with full boarding to a self catering flat.

In some farms are provided activities like horse riding or mountain biking and sometimes is allowed participation in agricultural activities.

Sometimes also a restaurant or shop are available where you can sample the local products.

Property to Rent

Renting a house in Italy can be a wise choice especially if you travel with your family or a large group. Check out these property for rent in Le Marche Italy.

Convents and Monasteries

With the decline of religious vocations and the thinning number of monks and nuns, convents in Italy are opening their doors to the secular public, often with very interesting results.

The rooms are generally very basic and sometimes visitors are allowed to eat in the refectory.

This kind of accommodation always offers very good value.

Italy Train Schedules and Timetables

Italy train schedules are easy to find and understand but to safeguard your sanity, don’t take them to too literally. They are a mere indication of when the train will arrive or depart.

Remember that you can claim a partial refund for your train ticket for a delay of at least 60 min.


Even in the smallest and remotest train station it is easy to locate the train timetable.

The departures are on a yellow poster and the arrivals on the white one. Look for the scheduled time for arrival and departure on the left column and at right read the train details.

Despite the fact that rail travel in Italy is far from punctual, it still offers many advantages.



Compared with most European countries, Italy train travel is still cheap especially if you use the local and slower trains called regionali or locali. Traveling slowly will let you appreciate the beautiful Italian landscape and save money.



Rail travel in Italy connects most cities. On the Internet, you can easily find and check an Italy rail map to plan your trip.



With trains you reach right away the city center and the hotels. No taxi, check in or security lines.

The new breed of Italian trains Frecciarossa, Frecciargento e Frecciabianca connect all main cities in a fast and efficient way. These special trains require a reservation that can be made at any station or online when purchasing the ticket.


Do you have a good story about Italian train schedules? It can be a horror story, a story with a happy ending or just a funny one. Share it with your fellow travelers! We would love to read your account of an adventure or tips, ideas and opinions about train travel in Italy.


Exploring Adelaide and South Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and the fifth largest city in Australia, with a population exceeding 1.1 million. Named in honour of Queen Adelaide, the consort of King William IV, the city is unique in that it was planned from the onset of settlement in 1836 by Colonel William Light and is the capital of the only freely settled province in Australia. Navigating your way through the streets of Adelaide is delightfully easy due to the grid-like fashion in which the city is laid out. The heart of the city is a delightful mixture of old buildings and modern architecture interspersed with parks, gardens and reserves. The Torrens River meanders through the city and the white sands of Glenelg, Semaphore and Henley beaches are all minutes from the city centre. Often referred to as the City of Churches, Adelaide has much to offer travellers in the way of sights to see and places to go.


Adelaide provides an ideal starting point for tourists and travellers to explore the city itself and South Australia. Accommodation is readily available and generally reasonably priced with options to suit any budget ranging from luxury hotels to backpacker style accommodation.


Adelaide Sightseeing

Art Gallery of South Australia is located on North Terrace, Adelaide and is the premier arts institution in South Australia with over 35,000 works of art and over 500,000 visitors every year.


Ayers House is one of Adelaides most prominent historic buildings located at 288 North Terrace Adelaide. Originally built for William Paxton around 1846, it was leased to Henry Ayers in 1855 when Paxton returned to England. Ayers was a wealthy industrialist and politician of great renown who was Premier of South Australia seven times during his 38 year political career. It was he who Ayers Rock, now Ularoo, was named to honor. During Henry Ayers occupation of the building from 1855 to 1897 the mansion was expanded from 9 rooms to the 41 room mansion that stands today. It has been used as a dance hall and nurses quarters but is now a museum and function hall.


Adelaide General Post Office is located at 141 King William Street Adelaide. The Adelaide Post Office has been located at this site since 1851 and the current building was constructed between 1867 and 1872. It is a beautiful two-storey building built in the Victorian Free Classical Style featuring a grand postal chamber with a half-domed roof and peripheral clerestory lighting. A gallery at first floor level is supported on ornamental cast-iron trusses with matching cast iron balustrading. The building features a prominent clock tower that was completed in 1875.