Italy Train Schedules and Timetables

Italy train schedules are easy to find and understand but to safeguard your sanity, don’t take them to too literally. They are a mere indication of when the train will arrive or depart.

Remember that you can claim a partial refund for your train ticket for a delay of at least 60 min.


Even in the smallest and remotest train station it is easy to locate the train timetable.

The departures are on a yellow poster and the arrivals on the white one. Look for the scheduled time for arrival and departure on the left column and at right read the train details.

Despite the fact that rail travel in Italy is far from punctual, it still offers many advantages.



Compared with most European countries, Italy train travel is still cheap especially if you use the local and slower trains called regionali or locali. Traveling slowly will let you appreciate the beautiful Italian landscape and save money.



Rail travel in Italy connects most cities. On the Internet, you can easily find and check an Italy rail map to plan your trip.



With trains you reach right away the city center and the hotels. No taxi, check in or security lines.

The new breed of Italian trains Frecciarossa, Frecciargento e Frecciabianca connect all main cities in a fast and efficient way. These special trains require a reservation that can be made at any station or online when purchasing the ticket.


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